D-ark is the archive of documentary materials from performance art events organized by T.E.H.D.A.S. collective in Finland. The archive covers mainly video material starting from 2005, consisting of over 300 individual performances at clubs, in galleries, on the streets and fields, documenting a thick slice of contemporary performance art in Finland and offering some glimpses to the international scene.
The archive as been created in collaboration with Pori art museum, who facilitates the long term storage of the digital materials. A special modular schema was developed for gathering and storing the metadata related to the materials, based on the CIDOC CRM and other standards.
D-ark is intended for long term storage for future generations and for use in academic research and is not open to the general public, except for the online portal which gathers some of the documentations, permissions granting.

Read more in the D-ark guide:

D-ark guide 1.0 was published on the Heritage, an international peer-reviewed open access journal of cultural and natural heritage science: