Cyntia Norton


Ninnie Novel Ni'Mally 2010

Cynthia Norton is a Kentucky native where in the environment she developed her artistic identity since early childhood. Norton relates sculptural and sonic interpretations of the domestic traditions of her southern cultural heritage, creating video quilts, instruments, moonshine stills and kinetic dress sculptures. In 1995, while completing her MFA at The Art Institute of Chicago in Time Arts, Norton developed her performance personae of Ninnie Naïve (based upon the classic country comedic genre of the ‘rube'; aka "Alternative Minnie Pearl", "a countryfied Laurie Anderson" and "a sarcastic hillbilly"). Currently, Ninnie is ‘Ninnie Novel Ni'Mally’ a budding musical naiad.


Cotton Candy Country, 1995

Pick'in On My Heart Strings, unreleased 1996

People Doing Strange Things With Electricity II, 2004 Comfort Stand Records

Queen of Cups, 2008 sonaBLAST! Records (available on itunes)